Free IT courses to take without leaving home

Qualification in quarantine: more than 100 free IT courses , online, for you to improve your knowledge. Distance courses can be a good option for technology professionals to keep up to date, learn new skills and advance their careers. The program is free, valid for 90 days, and offered in partnership with the Cisco Senai-São Paulo Academy. The free IT courses offered by Cisco are as follows: Introduction to Cybersecurity and Essential Cybersecurity Concepts Study trends, threats and computer security in cyberspace, as well as the protection of personal and company data.

With the promise of training five million developers for free, the platform has a course on knowledge trails and games among its contents. The startup Telegram Number Data provides a meeting between its best students and companies that are hiring IT professionals. Recently, Digital One partnered with two institutions in Portuguese-speaking countries to offer 10,000 scholarships for online courses in the area of ​​Information Technology (IT). The goal is to train professionals in software development for free, The alliance is with Nguzu Project, from Portugal, and Mozdevz, from Mozambique.

Classes will be offered to ten countries spread across four continents. Classes involve creating solutions and websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Python and databases. The development of soft skills and debates on fundamental aspects of this career in the labor market will also be worked on. . Register nowin Digital Innovation One’s free IT courses ! 3- Cogna THECogna Educationmade available a series of free technology courses on its platform in the area of ​​digital culture, entrepreneurship and career. In total there are 51 courses available on the site.